Sunday, November 30, 2008

Have Your Say: Flood insurance

As the flood waters recede in parts of England it has become clear tens of thousands of homes have been affected. The insurance industry says claims related to flood damage will total 1.5bn.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

21 Car Insurance? How Much

dtrapp120. Q: How much would it cost for a 21 year old to get auto insurance? AIS Answer: There is no way to definitively answer this question.

Key to Choosing Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance. There are various forms of term life insurance available. The main feature of term life insurance is that it offers death protection, protection for a stated time period, referred to as a term.

Buying Health Insurance on Your Own

from Web MD. Buying Health Insurance on Your Own Report: Most People Either Can’t Get It or Can’t Afford It By Salynn Boyles WebMD Medical News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD. Dec.

Robert Half hires Crichton to expand insurance

ONE of the world’s leading headhunting firms has widened its field of action in the insurance sector by recruiting a specialist with a strong marine background, writes James Brewer.

Insurance Companies.

Let’s face it, insurance is part and parcel of today living. When we bought our first laptop a year ago, I decided not to buy the extension insurance from the retail shop we bought the laptop.

Property/Casualty Insurance Market Predicted to Remain Soft in 2008

In a press release last week, Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a respected insurance and financial services company, predicted continuation of rate decreases for casualty insurance coverage in 2008. See Watson Wyatt Worldwide Report.